Frame AISI304 with collection tank for liquids to allow cleaning of the base.

  Heads holder for 26 positions with AISI304 polished inox, mounted on height adjustable column by using the recipes.

  Sliding disk for superficially specially treated steel cylinders or alternatively ceramic coated for corrosive solutions such as sea water, solar creams or similar. The disc is raised in compliance with the work plan to facilitate the cleaning operations.

  Running driven by brushless motor with control of the torque and of the drive speed, with custom setting of downtime, positions and accelerations.

  Input tape with sync auger with double adjustment, vertical and horizontal.

  Scrap tape for the management of non-compliant cylinders. The deviation of the cam system is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder with the concept of positive deviation.

•  Management and control system XM Bosch 4.0 with adjustable touch screen panel.